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Often, if the key is not stuck too far in the lock or ignition and a piece of the key remains exposed, one will be able to extract the key themselves.

However, if the key is broken well inside the lock or ignition.

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And if there are tiny pieces of the broken key within the lock tumbler or ignition then a locksmith must be called.

Continuing to use a spare key under these circumstances will simply damage the spare key.

And also, further damage the lock, leading to a breakdown of the locking or ignition system.

Locksmith Menlo Park is the premier provider of broken car key extraction services in Menlo Park.

Furthermore, our locksmiths have the equipment, the software and the knowledge to handle car key extractions for any type of broken key, lock and ignition.

And also, our expert technicians are trained to remove broken keys from lock cylinders and ignitions without causing any damage to your car.

They will arrive at your location in a fully stocked truck and are capable of not only performing the broken car key extraction.

But will duplicate keys, unlock your car door, re-key your lock or ignition and much more.

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Broken Keys Repair And Replace

The Locksmith Menlo Park call centre is available 24/7 hour locksmith each and every day of the year.

Our courteous and capable customer support staff will field your call.

And also, have one of our certified automobile locksmiths to your location without delay.

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Locksmith Menlo Park can perform broken car key extractions as well as a variety of other automobile related services for the full range of cars on the road today; including, Toyota, Volkswagen, Chevrolet, Peugeot, Range Rover, BMW, Kia, Mercedes, Porsche, Isuzu, Jaguar, Mazda, GM, Alfa Romeo and more.

The teams of our company are excellent professionals.

We extract keys with attention but also speed.

We manage to blend these two contradictory notions thanks to our experience as well as dedication.

It’s also a plus that we have excellent equipment and equally exceptional training.

We make sure we make new keys with precision and the car system works properly.

Hence, you can trust our knowledge!

Contact Locksmith Menlo Park if you find yourself in a jam and see for yourself why Locksmith Menlo Park is the first choice for locksmith service providers in Menlo Park.

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